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Fall 2024 MATH force add survey will open August 5, 2024.

Are you taking a course this summer to satisfy a prerequisite for a math course you plan to take Fall 2024? Or, were you unable to course request a math course for Fall 2024 due to a major restriction or prerequisite error? If so, fill out the Anticipated Enrollment Survey!  

If you recently earned MATH 1225 Eligibility with a qualifying score on a VT ALEKS Placement Assessment or a qualifying grade in  MATH 1214,

  • You need to wait until your MATH 1225 Eligibility is updated in HokieSpa to add MATH 1225 to your schedule.  Please do NOT complete the force add survey as your request will be denied with NO further communication.

The Math Department will not force-add for convenience; this means we will not add students into closed sections if there is an open section that will fit their schedule. Therefore, if you received a section and dropped it, your survey request will likely be denied. 

The Force-Add Survey is for students who tried to add an undergraduate level math course during course request and received an error due to

  • an honors restriction,
  • a major or level restriction, or
  • a prerequisite error.

There are only a few exceptions for students who did not course request and must be force added to an undergraduate math course. Typical reasons are

  • Must repeat a course failed last semester and therefore did not request the course.
  • Not enrolled at Virginia Tech last semester and therefore did not request the course.
  • Changed majors and have new requirements for the degree and therefore did not request the course.

Students who meet the above requirements should complete the  

Please do NOT contact the math department in addition to completing the survey. If we encounter a question or problem, we will send an email directly to you with instructions. We will only email the student if there is an issue with the request.


Students who tried to add an undergraduate math course and received a closed section error, or do not meet the above requirements should continue to try to add themselves to a section of the course. We will open seats as sections fill up, periodically, starting August 8, 2024, until the start of the semester.