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Paid Job Opportunities in Math

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The Mathematics Department and other offices around campus employ both undergraduate and graduate students in a variety of positions. 

This site will be updated as new opportunities become available. 

Graders assist faculty with assignments in the 1000-2000 level mathematics classes. These positions start at $15/hour and graders are typically assigned between 4-6 hours of work per week. Employment offers are made at the beginning of each semester.

Applications for these positions are accepted online only and all applications are reviewed by the grader coordinator.  If the qualifications listed below are met, and positions are available, the coordinator will contact you with an offer. 

The preferred qualifications for the job are as follows:

  • 3.5 GPA
  • A or A- in every math class
  • No honor code violations 
  • Have at least a Sophomore Standing 
  • Taken math classes at Virginia Tech or has graduate student standing

Applications will be prioritized based on the student's ability to meet the aforementioned preferred qualifications.  Applications from students who fail to meet all of the aforementioned qualifications may strengthen their application by submitting a recommendation from a Virginia Tech Mathematics faculty member. That recommendation can be emailed to

Please note that

  • Applications are only accepted through the online link below.
  • You will need to upload a PDF copy of your undergraduate transcripts as part of the online application.
  • All of the hiring decisions are made by the coordinator and not individual faculty members. 

If you meet the qualifications listed above, use the link or QR code below to apply.

QR Code for linnk

The Tutoring Lab is no longer accepting applications for Fall 2024.

Below is the application to work as a math tutor helping students succeed in their math courses.  Students can receive help in any 1000 or 2000 level Math course at Virginia Tech.  Tutoring will be in person and some courses will have online tutoring available.  Tutors may be required to work in person AND online. Position wages begin at $15 per hour and tutors typically work around 10 hours a week.

Applications for these positions are accepted online only and all applications are reviewed by the tutor coordinator.  If the qualifications listed below are met, and positions are available, the coordinator will contact you for an interview.  Interviews will be held online using Zoom, therefore a reliable internet connection is required.  

In order to receive first consideration, you will need to have taken differential calculus and integral calculus and done well in those courses.  Taking only MATH 1524 may also be sufficient for certain positions.

In order to apply, you will need:

  • An unofficial copy of your full transcript.
  • One reference is required and this reference must be a faculty member, preferably from Virginia Tech's Math Department.  There is an option to provide a second professional or academic reference.  Please have your reference(s) name(s) and email(s) ready.  You should contact the reference(s) you are listing prior to including them in your application.

If hired, paperwork and training will be done in August before classes begin and being in person in Blacksburg may be required.

The tutoring program through the Student Success Center is a free resource for Virginia Tech Students and  is designed to support the academic success of primarily first- and second-year students in introductory math and science courses. 

Tutors meet with students individually or in small groups to discuss course concepts and share effective learning, studying, and test-taking strategies specific to their course. Tutors are paid on an hourly wage. There are mandatory paid training sessions that all tutors must attend.

Application Process

  • February: Interested students can complete the online application (requires application, unofficial academic transcript, resume, short essays, student conduct form, and contact information for a faculty reference).
  • March: Application review.
  • Late March to early April: Selected applicants will be invited for interviews with the Student Success Center.
  • Mid April to mid May: All application materials will be compared with tutoring needs. Additional applicants may be invited for interviews.
  • Late May to early June: After classes end, the SSC will screen all finalists for GPA eligibility, finalize tutoring needs, and send out decisions to all applicants.

The Student Athlete Academic Support Services hires tutors to provide both individual and group tutoring assistance to athletes at Virginia Tech. Tutors are paid an hourly wage. 

SAASS staff members, directed by the Tutor Coordinator, thoroughly screen all prospective tutors for ability in their subject areas. Each tutor must participate in a training program designed to inform them of proper tutoring methods and office procedures. Tutors submit evaluation forms for each contact with a student athlete. Most tutoring sessions are scheduled on an appointment basis.