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Virtual Academic Advising & Course Registration - Summer 2024

Math Department Summer 2024 Advisors

Welcome to the Virginia Tech Department of Mathematics!

Mathematics Department Virtual Academic Advising & Course Registration sessions will be held from June 12-28 via Zoom. 

On May 20 (first-year students) or June 6 (transfer students), you received an email with a link to register for a Virtual Academic Advising & Course Registration session through the VT Navigate Advising Platform. Appointments are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Below are required action items along with a recommended timeline for completing the items.

Set up technology May 20
Complete your first VT ALEKS Placement Assessment* (regardless of anticipated AP, IB, CLEP, Cambridge, or other transfer credits) June 3
Complete and submit the College of Science Expected Credits Worksheet (items 3 and 4 under STEP 3 in the link) June 5
Complete the Math Department Summer 2024 Advising Form June 5
Register for a Math Department Virtual Academic Advising & Course Registration session

June 6

Register for Fall 2024 courses in Hokie Scheduler** using the Guide for Choosing First-Semester Courses

June 12
(Hokie Scheduler available June 7; Registration available June 12)

Final preparation for your summer advising appointment (see information below) one business day before your scheduled advising appointment

To stay on track to graduate in four years, math majors who do not have transfer credit for MATH 1225 (Calculus of a Single Variable) should take MATH 1225 in their first semester. To be eligible to enroll in MATH 1225, you must earn a score of 80 or higher on a VT ALEKS Placement Assessment or have a qualifying score on a college-level examination shown on your record in Hokie Spa. Students who do not earn an “Eligible to Enroll” status for MATH 1225 must instead take MATH 1214 (Preparation for Calculus).

The VT ALEKS Placement Assessment is designed to determine what you know and what you need to work on; you do NOT need to review/study for the assessment. At the end of the assessment, you will have a much better sense of your strengths and weaknesses and have a chance to brush up on topics that may have been forgotten or haven't been practiced for some time. You will have three attempts to attain the score needed.

Take the assessment as soon as possible. Access to ALEKS is available now and is offered free of charge for Virginia Tech students. Remote testing closes on July 31, 2024. All College of Science majors (except psychology majors) should complete the VT ALEKS placement assessment, regardless of anticipated AP, IB, CLEP, Cambridge, or other transfer credits.

We know that choosing courses can be daunting, so we have created a Guide for Choosing First-Semester Courses to assist you with this process.

Important Dates:

  • June 7: Hokie Scheduler available. You may begin working to generate various schedules for the fall semester.
  • June 12: Registration available in Hokie Scheduler. You may begin to register for the classes on the schedule you've created.

Final Preparations for Your Academic Advising Appointment

Once you have completed the six action items in the table above, there are just a few things left to do to prepare for your advising appointment.

Create your FERPA self-passcode and have it ready to share with the summer advisors at the beginning of your advising session.

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Watch the four short videos below. This will take about 15 minutes in total. PDF copy of the video slides have also been provided below.

  1. Math Degree Options [video] [slides]
  2. First-Semester Math Courses [video] [slides]
  3. Pathways General Education [video] [slides]
  4. Specialized Courses [video] [slides]
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Review your personal advising information in the Navigate Student advising platform. Login with your VT PID and password, then click the Reports tab. Don't miss the documents attached to the Note!


If AP exams were completed during a span of multiple years, you may need to contact the College Board and ask that your scores be merged and sent to Virginia Tech again (college code 5859).

Students must earn a C or better to receive transfer credit from courses taken at other colleges and universities. If you have submitted a transcript with a COVID-19 specific grading scheme that does not clearly indicate whether a grade of C or better was earned in a course, an explanation of the actual grade must be provided to the Registrar's office. This verification will be requested on the Hokie Spa transfer credit screen.

The table below shows the maximum number of credits allowed to transfer from various sources.

Transfer Credit Max # of Allowable VT Credits 
AP 38
IB Diploma 38
IB Certificate 30
Cambridge International 38
community college(s) 60
multiple sources 90

Beginning around August 10, students on the CHEM 1035 waitlist will be placed into CHEM 1035 as space allows. You must be CHEM 1035 eligible!

  • Cranwell International Center advisors can help with questions about student visa requirements, travel, etc. 
  • International students must be enrolled in at least 12 credits each fall and spring semester and at least 9 credits must be in a hybrid or face-to-face modality.


First-year students who are members of the Corps of Cadets will be required to have study hours every evening from 7-11pm. Course requirements outlined by membership are listed below.

Membership Course Credits
All New Cadets MGT 1945 (CRN 87821-87827) 2
Army ROTC1 MS 1005 (CRN 88085-88089) 2
Naval ROTC2
(Marine and Navy Options)
MN 1004, MN 1014 4
Air Force ROTC3 AS 1115, AS 2934, AS 2944 (CRN 81345) 3
Citizen-Leader Track MGT 1935 (CRN 87817 or 87818) 2
Regimental Band
MUS 3314 (CRN 88274)


1 Any freshman student planning to graduate in less than four years must discuss Milibary Science course requirements with the Army ROTC enrollment officer prior to finalizing their fall schedule. All transfer students should contact the Army ROTC enrollment officer as soon as possible to discuss "catch-up" ROTC training requirements and placement options to make up for ROTC training they have missed.

2 In order to take less than 15 credit hours in a semester, the midshipman must get approval from the Naval ROTC Commanding Officer.

3Due to transition times and hygiene concerns, Air Force ROTC cadets should be aware that they should not sign up for class at 9:30am Tues/Thurs if they sign up for AS 2934 on Tues/Thurs, or class at 9:05am Mon/Wed if they sign up for AS 2934 on Mon/Wed. Incoming 3 year Air Force ROTC cadets (transfer students with 6 semesters remaining) will also need to sign up for AS 2115.

Army ROTC:
Naval ROTC:
Air Force ROTC:
Regimental Band: Senior Chief Jim Bean (
Leadership Studies Minor: Dr. Elaine Humphrew (
Transfer Cadets: Lieutenant Colonel Rewa Mariger (
Corps of Cadets: Lieutenant Colonel Rewa Mariger (


The Office of Veteran Services works with Virginia Tech’s Bursar’s Office, Registrar’s Office, and the U.S. Department of Veterans Services to receive and process all documentation related to veteran and military student educational benefits. They also collaborate with university and community partners to ensure that veterans and military dependents are connected to the financial, academic, and social resources necessary for a successful transition to and through their course of study at Virginia Tech.

Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) provides accommodations to students on a case-by-case basis depending on the type of disability they may have. SSD offers a host of accommodations, including classroom accommodations, accommodations for deaf and hard of hearing students, the SSD testing center, note takers, alternate text, and housing accommodations. Students who wish to receive accommodations must register with SSD.

  • Free Time CRNs for Fall Schedule by Sport
  • Student Athlete Guide Sheet
  • Student athletes must be enrolled full time (at least 12 credits) every semester to maintain NCAA eligibility for practice and competition. If a student athlete wishes to drop below 12 credit hours, permission must be obtained from the University Registrar and consultation with a Student Athlete Academic Support Services (SAASS) counselor.
  • Freshman student athletes must pass 24 degree-applicable credit hours during their first academic year (ex: summer, fall, spring, summer)
  • All student athletes must complete a minimum of 6 degree-applicable credit hours every fall and every spring.
  • All student althletes must complete a minimum of 18 degree-applicable credit hours during the combination of fall and spring semesters each year.


Math majors can satisfy VT's foreign language requirement in one of three ways:

  1. Speak a native language that is not English
  2. Have taken at least two years of a single foreign or classical language in high school
  3. Earn 6 semester hours of college-level foreign or classical language credit. These 6 credits are in addition to the 120 hours required for a mathematics degree.

Living-Learning Communities, Residential Colleges, and the Honors College each have different requirements for their students. Use the links below if you are a member of any of these programs. 

BIOL 1214: CAREERS IN MEDICINE (1 credit) is designed to help students thinking of a career in health care investigate some of the many professional tracks and careers available, as well as understand the qualities, characteristics, and values embraced by excellent professionals. Health professionals will present different career paths that are available to students interested in heath care.

Incoming students who want to change their major can email to request a change of major. There is no guarantee that your major will change. First-Year students can email until May 31 and transfer students can email between June 1-4.

After the dates listed above, incoming students cannot apply to change their major until Fall 2024 final grades have posted (at the earliest, depending on major-specific requirements). If you've been accepted to VT as a math major but have already decided that you no longer want to be a math major and do not change your major by the dates listed above, you will need to attend our Math Department Virtual Academic Advising & Course Registration Session to complete your fall course schedule. However, you should also meet with a transitional advisor. Make an appointment in Navigate by selecting "Transitional Advising" as the Service.

Incoming math majors are advised to meet with a transitional advisor after their math department virtual academic advising & course registration session, so that registration holds are removed and math major course requirements are known.

We know that as family members and support teams, you are both excited and anxious about your student's new venture at Virginia Tech. The Academic Advising Initiatives Office will be hosting virtual Family Academic Engagement Sessions. Details will be posted at a later date. Additionally, a family webinar series will be posted here.

Undergraduate Admissions is hosting Admitted Student Visits for families who wish to visit VT in-person in July. Information about Admitted Student Visits can be found here.

Additionally, the Hokie Family Hub helps you to stay up-to-date with the latest information for Virginia Tech families.

Foreign Language Requirement


Math Degree Option Form for options other than Traditional

  1. Download Adobe if you have not already done so. For instructions, click here and see the College of Science pre-orientation Step 1 Item 7. 
  2. Download the College of Science Change of Second Major/Minor/Option Form and open it in Adobe.
  3. Complete the first section with your student information. Complete the section titled Request to Add or Drop an Option In the College of Science by selecting the degree option you would like to add (BS, MATH: Applied Computational Mathematics (ACM) or BS, MATH: Applied Discrete Mathematics (ADM) or BS, MATH: Mathematics Education (Master's Track) (MSTR) ) and then selecting BS, MATH: Traditional - No Option (MATH) as the degree option to drop.
  4. Sign and Date the bottom of the form (digital, typed signature is fine).