Welcome to the Mathematics Department!

Whether you are a returning or new student at Virginia Tech, there are a number of ways you can become involved in your mathematics education!

First, the essentials:

Did you know that the math department has jobs available for it's majors? There are opportunities to tutor, both on-campus in the tutoring lab (paid) and in the community as a volunteer! Trying to decide whether teaching math is for you? Tutoring might be a good place to start! 

Have you finished the 2000 level sequences of the math classes here at Virginia Tech? You might consider being a grader for one of those classes.

As additional opportunities become available both inside and outside the department, they are posted on the Math Website.

Note: If you need any kind of assistance during your stay in Blacksburg, consult  Virginia Tech Campus Resources for information on how to get the help you need.

Next, your academics:

If you need help in your classes, don't wait! The Math Tutoring lab is there to help you! And best of all it's free!

You can also hire a private tutor through the tutoring listserv. Send an email to math_tutors-g@vt.edu with your contact information and request indicating the course in the subject line of your email. Interested tutors will respond directly to you.

Join the weekly meeting of the Matecharlas group to brush up on both your Mathematics and Spanish! This fall, they meet on Thursday's from 1 - 2 pm in the  El Centro lounge (309 Squires Student Center) for conversation related to mathematics and spanish, that includes your 1000 level math classes!  Any VT student is welcome!

Interested in Research in Mathematics? Then check out BEPUR a course specifically designed to help you develop research skills and actively participate in guided introductory mathematics research projects. It's a nice way to get your research feet wet!

Still have questions? The Advising Website for Mathematics may be able to answer your questions. If not, you can find your academic advisor listed there and ways to contact them.

Lastly, your free time:

You might be asking what you can do when you are not in class? Well, these are a few of the Math related clubs that you can join!

For starters, there is the "MATH Club" that meets biweekly throughout the semester on Thursdays at 6 pm. It's a good place to meet other math majors at the University. There are talks, activites and always pizza! The first meeting is on September 1st in McBryde 455 (otherwise known as the Commons Room). All are welcome!

You could join the Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM)! And no, you don't have to be a woman! Anyone is welcome! Their site reads: "We are the Association FOR Women in Mathematics -- and NOT the Association OF Women in Mathematics. Thus any Hokie who is "for" women in mathematics is welcome at all events."

And then there is  the Society for Industial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM). They can help you answer the question "What can I do with a Math Degree?" as they often sponsor talks on different career opportunities in Mathematics.

You can also do research in mathematics. Find out more by visiting Research for Undergraduates in Mathematics

Or get involved with the different math contests that are supported by the math department such as the Putnam Mathematical Competition, VTRMC, Comap Modeling, and Layman Research Competition. Not sure what these are? Check our undergraduate webpage!

Or perhaps you might even study abroad!

The opportunities are yours here for the taking!