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Credit by Exam: End of Semester

Registration for
 for the Fall 2022 Semester
Math Credit-By-Exam is

The next opportunity to take CBE will be the

END of Spring 2023. 

Credit-By-Exams will  be available at the end of the Fall 2022 semester for most math courses offered on the Fall 2022 Timetable of Classes.

Note: Credit by Exam is not offered for MATH 1524 or MATH 2534 at any time.

Student wishing to test out of a course should complete the online registration form.   

The exam fee is $10 per credit hour

The fee will be charged to the student’s account after confirmation from the proctor that the student took the exam. Students will need to pay the fee through the Bursar’s office once it has been applied to their account.

Only currently enrolled undergraduate students are eligible.

These Credit-By-Exams will be given interactively at the MATH EMPORIUM for courses offered there during the semester.  

Further instructions regarding the exam dates and times will be emailed to the student’s VT email account by Thursday December 8th, 2022.

You will know whether or not you passed immediately after you take the test (which requires 70% or better). 

The MASC 1024 credit by exam will be held on


The Math Department no longer offers MASC 1024 as a course; however, we offer it through Credit-By-Exam.  

The material in MASC 1024 is very basic, but it is different enough from usual high school material that students will probably have to put in significant study time before they can pass a Credit-By-Exam for the MASC 1024.  The MASC 1024 materials are online and accessible at the website: MASC 1024

On this site, you will find sample exams, a syllabus, and PowerPoint lesson outlines: which should put many students in a good position to test out of MASC 1024.

CAUTION: University rules prohibit students’ more than one try at Credit-By-Exam for each course.  If a student fails the single credit-by-exam in MASC 1024; they may never have a chance to get any credit for it except via transfer credit from another institution.

Credit-By-Exams will be given during the final exam period for that course for classroom courses offered during the semester.

Further instructions regarding exam dates, times, and locations will be emailed to the student’s VT email account by Thursday December 8th, 2022.

Your exam will be graded by the instructor (passing requires 70% or the class average).  You may contact Sadie Powell in 460 McBryde two days after you take the exam to receive your exam results.

All of these courses have a course homepage found through the mathematics department website that you can use to determine what material will be covered in the exams.  

If you pass the test, go to Hokie Spa and register for the appropriate course. 


  • NO Student may receive credit by exam if he or she has previously audited or enrolled in the course at Virginia Tech.
  • University rules prohibit more than one try at Credit-By-Exam for each course, and a student’s total credit by exam cannot exceed 12 credit hours. Violation of this policy will be reported to the honor system.