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MATH 2114 is a challenging three-credit course covering important topics in Linear Algebra including vector and matrix operations, systems of linear equations, linear independence, bases, orthonormal bases, rank, linear transformations, and diagonalization.


Admission to MATH 2114 is offered to students who have passed MATH 1226, and also to students who have completed MATH 1225 with a final grade of B or higher.


Poole, David; Linear Algebra: A Modern Introduction, 4th edition with WebAssign access

Download  the Complete Syllabus with Problem Assignments (PDF)

Section Topics
1.1 The Geometry and Algebra of Vectors
2.1 Introduction to Linear Systems
1.2 Length and Angle: The Dot Product
3.1  Matrix Operations
3.2 Matrix Algebra
Section Topics
2.2 Direct Methods for Solving Linear Systems
2.3 Spanning Sets and Linear Independence
Section Topics
3.3 The Inverse of a Matrix
3.5  Subspaces, Basis, Dimension and Rank
Section Topics
3.6 Introduction to Linear Transformations
3.7 Markov Chains
4.1 Introduction to Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors
Appendix C  Complex Numbers
Section Topics
4.2 Determinants
4.3  Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors of n x n Matrices
4.4 Similarity and Diagonalization
Section Topics
5.1 Orthogonality in Rn
5.2 Orthogonal Complements and Orthogonal Projections
5.3 The Gram-Schmidt Process and Orthogonal Projections
7.3 Least Squares

The final exam is a Common Time Exam and consists of two parts:

  1. Common Exam
    This test is a multiple choice exam taken by all sections of MATH 2114. Samples of Common Time Final Exams given in previous years are available (koofers).
  2. Free Response Exam 
    Your instructor will give you information on what to expect for the second portion of the exam.


  • Both portions of this exam will be administered in person. The exam is NOT scheduled in your regular classroom. Rooms for the exam will be announced near the end of the semester. 
  • The final exam time is fixed and will not be rescheduled for discretionary reasons, including conflicts with work schedules or exams for classes at other colleges. 
  • If there is a conflict with the final in another class, follow the procedures proposed by your college to reschedule an exam.  Exams of courses that have a common-time final have priority and the exam for the other course should be rescheduled.

Check the timetable or your instructor's Canvas course site for the date and time of your final exam.

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