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MATH 1214 Preparation for Calculus is a three-credit course designed as preparation for MATH 1225 Calculus of a Single Variable. Topics covered are linear equations, polynomials, relations and functions, rational functions, quadratic equations, radicals and functions with rational exponents, exponentials, logarithms, trigonometric functions, and trigonometric identities.

Text: PreCalculus, by Julie Miller and Donna Gerken (1st edition) with ALEKS access.

Prerequisites:  2 units of high school algebra, 1 unit of geometry, 1 unit each of trigonometry and precalculus and placement by Math Department.

Download  the Complete Syllabus with Problem Assignments (PDF)  

Section Topic
R.1  Sets and The Real Number Line
1.1 The Rectangular Coordinate System
1.2 Circles
1.3 Functions and Relations
1.4 Linear Equations in Two Variables and Linear Functions
1.5 Applictions of Linear Equations and Modeling
1.6 Transformations of Graphs
1.7 Analyzing Graphs of Function and Piecewise Defined Functions
1.8 Algebra of Functions and Function Composition
Section Topic
2.1 Quadratic Functions and Applications
2.2 Introduction to Polynomial Functions
2.3 Division of Polynomials and the Remainder & Factor Theorems
2.5 Rational Functions
3.1 Inverse Functions
3.2 Exponential Functions
3.3 Logarithmic Functions
3.4 Properties of Logarithmic Functions
3.5 Exponential and Logarithmic Equations and Applications
Section Topic
4.1 Angles and Their Measure
4.2 Trigonometric Functions Defined on the Unit Circle
4.3 Right Triangle Trigonometry
4.4 Trigonometric Functions of Any Angle
4.5 Graphs of Sine and Cosine Functions
4.6 Graphs of Other Trigonometric Functions
4.7 Inverse Trigonometric Functions
Section Topic
5.1 Fundamental Trigonometric Identities
5.5 Trigonometric Equations

MATH 1214 has 3 common-time midterms and a common final exam

The 3 midterm exams are administered in person outside of regular class time.

  • The midterm exams are 1 hour and 15 minutes in length, and they consist of both free response and multiple choice questions. 
  • All midterm exams should be completed without a textbook or any other course materials including a calculator.

Students who need accommodations or have scheduling conflicts should contact their instructor.  The makeup exam policy can be found on your instructor's course policy sheet. 

Exam Date Time 
Exam 1    Wednesday, February 15, 2023      7-8:15 pm
Exam 2 Wednesday, March 29, 2023  7-8:15 pm
Exam 3 Wednesday, April 19, 2023  7-8:15 pm

The exam location is often different than your lecture classroom. Midterm Exams 1 - 3 will be given in the following rooms, listed by teacher:

Instructor   Room   
 Quinlan  NCB 360
 Ringer  NCB 360
 Sharpe  NCB 360
 Silber  Hahn N 140
 Thompson  Hahn N 140
 Accommodations Room  
 Surge 103A
 Late Start  McBryde 136   

The final exam is a Common Time Exam and consists of two parts:

  1. Common Exam
    This test is a multiple choice exam taken by all sections of MATH 1214. 
  2. Free Response Exam 
    Your instructor will give you information on what to expect for the second portion of the exam.


  • The final exam time is fixed and will not be rescheduled for discretionary reasons, including conflicts with work schedules or exams for classes at other colleges. 
  • If there is a conflict with the final in another class, follow the procedures proposed by your college to reschedule an exam.  Exams of courses that have a common-time final have priority and the exam for the other course should be rescheduled.

Check the timetable or your instructor's Canvas course site for the date and time of the final exam.

See the Timetable of classes for information on current offerings of MATH 1214.

The Undergraduate Honor Code pledge that each member of the university community agrees to abide by states:

“As a Hokie, I will conduct myself with honor and integrity at all times. I will not lie, cheat, or steal, nor will I accept the actions of those who do.”

Students enrolled in this course are responsible for abiding by the Honor Code. A student who has doubts about how the Honor Code applies to any assignment is responsible for obtaining specific guidance from the course instructor before submitting the assignment for evaluation. Ignorance of the rules does not excuse any member of the University community from the requirements and expectations of the Honor Code.

For additional information about the Honor Code, please visit

If you need extra help with course materials:

  • Check your course Canvas site for your instructor's office hours. 
  • Come to the Wednesday Night Help Sessions from 6 - 7 pm in the New Classroom Building 230.
  • Visit the Mathematics Department Tutoring Information Page.



  • The Units on Trigonometry from the Math 1014 on-line materials  provide a detailed review of the trigonometry necessary for Math 1214.


If you are currently enrolled in MATH 1214, you can contact your instructor through your Canvas course website.

If you have any general questions or concerns about MATH 1214, you can email the course coordinators at