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Honors Sections of MATH Courses

The Mathematics Department offers honors sections of several courses. An honors section is denoted with an "H" after the 4-digit course number: MATH 2114H, MATH 2204H, MATH 2214H, MATH 2405H, MATH 2406H. These sections are for students who want to learn at an honors level: faster pace, more topics covered, and deeper coverage of course topics. Honors sections of mathematics courses are not restricted to students in the Honors College, but enrollment requires special approval for students who are not in the Honors College. Students who are in the Honors College may add the course without requesting approval.

Our honors courses might feel more challenging. Learning more topics at a faster pace requires more self-directed learning, and therefore honors courses generally require more work than non-honors courses. As a result, they promote a much deeper understanding of the course topics than non-honors sections. It’s also common for our honors sections to have fewer students than our non-honors sections.

IMPORTANT: Because honors sections are different in their approach to the content from other sections of the course, students should request enroll in an honors section because they want the different approach, not because the section meets at a convenient time.

The Math Department wants students enrolled in honors sections to succeed, and we consider math course history and grades as indicators of possible success. The request form will open after final grades have posted for the most recent/current fall or spring semester.

Please direct any further questions to

MATH 2114H Intro to Linear Algebra fall & spring
MATH 2204H Intro to Multivariable Calculus fall
MATH 2214H Intro to Differential Equations fall & spring
MATH 2405H Math in a Computational Context fall
MATH 2406H Math in a Computational Context spring

MATH 2405H-2406H: The yearlong sequence, Mathematics in a Computational Context, provides an integrated treatment of linear algebra, differential equations, and multivariable calculus. It is intended for first-year students. Students learn to distinguish between problems that can be solved “by hand” and those requiring approximation to specified accuracy. Students learn analytical methods as well as algorithms and their efficient implementation on a computer.  This course provides an introduction to the mathematics and computation commonly encountered in today’s scientific and engineering workplaces. More information is available here.

This request form will open after final grades have posted for the most recent/current fall or spring semester. If you wish to be considered for enrollment in an honors section, please complete this form after final grades have posted. Students who are not in the Honors College should request a non-honors section during course request.

Once your information is received, the Math Department will review your academic record and will notify you with the result of your request. 

NOTE: Students in the Honors College do not need to request permission to enroll in an honors section of a mathematics course.