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Academic Advisors

Central Advising Team

The Math Department's Central Advising Team is the central support unit for all mathematics students and faculty advisors. We are happy to help with questions about:

  • Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS) reports
  • Individual Progress Plans (IPPs) for progress to degree violations
  • College of Science Forms
  • Math Department Forms
  • Changing Your Major to Math
  • Adding Math as a Second Major or Minor
  • ...and more!

Any VT student can schedule an appointment with a member of the Central Advising Team through Navigate by choosing "Explore Mathematics" or "Explore Mathematics Minor". 

Academic Advisors

As a math major, your academic advisor is a faculty member who can discuss details of course and career advice throughout your undergraduate career.

Our lower-division advisors are generally assigned to students enrolled in 1000-level and 2000-level math courses. These advisors can help to make sure you’re in the degree option that best fits the intersection of your strengths and interests while also helping you navigate the first few years of college life and college mathematics.

Once students progress to 3000+ level math courses, they should feel settled in their choice of mathematics degree option and have moved past the initial acclimation to college. These students are ready to transition to an advisor who specializes in their chosen degree option and can discuss upper-level course choices and career decisions. Each of our four degree options has a team of option-level advisors. 

Career Advisor

Secondary Advisor for International Students 

Secondary Advisor for Math Ed Students