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Tutoring and Academic Coaching

Peer Academic Coaching is a free resource for students of any level or discipline who want to develop their academic success skills. Our friendly peer academic coaches (PACs) are highly trained undergraduate students who can help with time management, study skills, overcoming procrastination, and much more.

CommLab is a student-operated tutoring center that promotes success in Public Speaking. CommLab coaches can provide services for oral presentations in any discipline, regardless of course subject or context.

The CommLab is located on the second floor of Newman Library, Room 2034. To get to 2034 from the main entrance of Newman, go straight past the elevators and turn left. Walk straight and look for a door on your left, just past the Data Visualization Studio.

Hours: 11-6pm on Monday - Thursday, and 6-8pm on Sunday.

Our Math Tutoring webpage has information about the math tutoring lab, private tutoring, Student Success Center tutoring, and more.

The Student Success Center, located in Newman Library Room 419, is committed to providing holistic support services and programs that develop self-directed and lifelong learners within a diverse and inclusive environment. Click for information about individual tutoring and review sessions.


The Virginia Tech Writing Center is a free service for all Virginia Tech students, faculty, and staff, at all levels, working with writing and reading assignments from any course. The Writing Center aims to support all writers within our community and foster an environment in which students’ learning differences are respected and addressed. We employ a diverse group of graduate and undergraduate writing coaches working in multiple disciplines across campus. We strive to uphold VT’s global land-grant values of discovery, learning, and outreach. In doing so, we are committed to:

  • Supporting students in all stages of the writing process.
  • Encouraging and facilitating collaboration among students.
  • Celebrating language diversity and growth.
  • Promoting interdisciplinary understandings of thinking and writing.
  • Engaging in research-supported pedagogy and best practices.

We are also committed to keeping our staff and clients safe, so all of our services will be online until the threat of the coronavirus is gone.

Online Writing Center Services: Almost everybody agrees that writing is an important skill. But how does one get better at it? Through our individual writing consultations and multilingual services, we offer undergraduate and graduate students a range of resources for developing their communication skills.  All of our services are free and online only. There are two types of writing sessions available, as well as conversation support.  You can see all the schedules and make an appointment here.

The most popular service we offer are live online tutoring appointments.  Live online tutoring takes place in real-time with both the student and coach.  Students can make an appointment to work with a coach on anything writing related— from brainstorming topic ideas, to issues of development, organization, or editing. Students may also request a weekly appointment to help with long-range projects by asking their coach at the end of a session to reserve their appointment slot for the following weeks.

Unlike live online tutoring, 24 hrs. later feedback, or asynchronous tutoring, does not take place in real-time. Students reserve slots on the 24 hrs. Later Feedback schedule and attach the most recent draft of their paper, along with the instructor's assignment sheet or prompt, and receive written feedback from the tutor within 24 hours of the appointment start time. The tutor will review the writing assignment for 45 minutes and make observations, pose questions, and suggest strategies for improvement. Tutors will not be editing papers, but will provide some editing suggestions.  It is recommended that you submit short amounts of a project to the same coach all semester, so the coach can provide feedback and help you become a stronger writer as you work through your manuscript.

English conversation support takes place in real-time. Schedule an appointment, and one of our language coaches will help you practice English through informal conversation.

Academic Planning Workshops and Seminars

Advising Ambassadors (students) are excited to assist you through online academic planning tools and provide information about advising resources. Academic Planning Workshops will entail creating a semester-by-semester plan using the HokieGPA tool in HokieSpa (formerly Pathways Planner) and planning your student experience including things like study abroad or any internship opportunities. Note that students should always work with their academic advisor(s) in addition to these student-led resources.

Students can sign up to attend an Academic Planning through Navigate. These sessions are scheduled for 1 hour, and assist the students through HokieGPS and DARS, and allow time for students to create at least 2 planned terms within HokieGPS. Once students attend a workshop, they are added to an academic planning Canvas site for follow up information and the opportunity to attend office hours with the Advising Ambassadors regarding HokieGPS.

Click here for information and registration.


The Student Success Center offers seminars on effective learning strategies, mastering online and technology-based courses, test-taking skills, time management, overcoming procrastination, and more! Click here for information.

Academic Recovery for Students on Academic Warning, Probation, Suspension

Meeting with your academic advisor is the first step toward academic recovery. Additional resources specifically for students on Academic Warning, Probation, or Suspension are listed below.

Consult this Academic Standing Flowchart to determine steps needed to get back into Good Academic Standing.

Students on Academic Warning should fill out the College of Science Academic Warning Assessment to help with planning for future academic success. This form should also be discussed with your academic advisor.

Students on Academic Probation or returning from Academic Suspension should fill out the College of Science Academic Assessment Form to help with planning for future academic success. This form should also be discussed with your academic advisor.

New Course Announcements

Announcements about new VT courses are continuously updated on this webpage.