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Mathematical Physics

Mathematical physics is an interdisciplinary research area that includes quantum mechanics, molecular dynamics, and acoustics. Pictured to the right is professor emeritus George Hagedorn, who was recently honored by a conference named for him, hosted at Virginia Tech:

picture of Professor Hagedorn

Research Advisors for Mathematical Physics

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    Nicole Abaid profile picture
    Nicole Abaid , bio

    Dr. Abaid's research focuses on networked dynamical systems. She studies diverse biological systems, ranging from animal groups to brain networks, to inspire novel results in mathematical modeling and control.

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    Alex Elgart profile picture
    Alex Elgart , bio

    Professor Elgart primary research area is mathematical physics. The mathematical tools he uses mostly come from analysis and probability.

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    Mark Embree profile picture
    Mark Embree , bio

    Professor Embree studies numerical linear algebra and spectral theory, with particular interest in eigenvalue computations for nonsymmetric matrices and transient behavior of dynamical systems.

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    Martin Klaus , bio

    Professor Klaus' research mainly concerns the spectral theory of linear operators and their connection with nonlinear evolution equations. This research has applications in the study of optical pulse propagation.

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    Robert Rogers profile picture
    Bob Rogers , bio

    Professor Rogers studies continuum mechanics and nonconvex problems in partial differential equations. He also studies models of acoustics.

Researchers of Mathematical Physics

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    Turker Topcu profile picture
    Turker Topcu , bio

    Dr. Topcu works in the field of computational science. His research involves developing algorithms and codes to solve partial and ordinary differential equations to simulate quantum dynamical systems.

Recently Retired Faculty