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Coding Theory & Cryptography

Research Advisors for Coding Theory & Cryptography

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    Jason LeGrow's profile picture
    Jason LeGrow , bio

    Professor LeGrow's research is in the design, analysis, and optimization of isogeny-based cryptographic protocols.

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    Hiram Lopez Valdez profile picture
    Hiram López Valdez , bio

    Professor López researches connections of commutative algebra with coding theory and its applications, including quantum error correction, coding for post-quantum cryptography, and distributed storage systems.

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    Gretchen Mattews profile picture
    Gretchen Matthews , bio

    Professor Matthews' research is in applications of algebraic geometry to data storage, protection, and security, especially coding theory and cryptography.

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    Travis Morrison profile picture
    Travis Morrison , bio

    Professor Morrison's research is in algorithmic number theory and applications to cryptography.

Researchers in Coding Theory & Cryptography

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    Eduardo Camps Moreno profile picture
    Eduardo Camps Moreno , bio

    Dr. Camps Moreno is a Presidential Postdoctoral Fellow working with Dr. Gretchen Matthews, with a research focus in algebraic coding theory.

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    Emily McMillon profile picture
    Emily McMillon , bio

    Dr. McMillon is an NSF Postdoctoral Scholar whose primary research interest is coding theory, with a focus on graph-based codes and iterative decoding algorithms.

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    Giuseppe Cotardo's profile picture
    Giuseppe Cotardo , bio

    Doctor Cotardo's research interest is in algebraic coding theory, with a focus on algebra, geometry, combinatorics, and their applications to the invariant theory of codes endowed with the rank metric.