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Ziqiang Li

Visiting Assistant Professor
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McBryde Room 526

460 McBryde Hall, Virginia Tech
225 Stanger Street
Blacksburg, VA 24061-1026

I research algorithms on the 2-sphere for the use of computational geometry, numerical methods, and analytical cartography. On the side, I study flows in microfluidic systems.

Representative work on the 2-sphere:

  1. Diffusion-Based Cartoglobes with Discrete Harmonic Transform and Spherical Finite Elements (2023). Dissertation, University of Wyoming.
  2. Z. Li, S. A. Aryana, Diffusion-based Cartogram on Spheres (2018). Cartography and Geographic Information Science 45 (5), 464-475.

Representative work on microfluidic flow:

  1. J. Sun, Z. Li, S. A. Aryana, Examination of Haines Jump in Microfluidic Experiments via Evolution Graphs and Interface Tracking (2022). Fluids 7 (8), 256.