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Teaching & Research Faculty

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    Nicole Abaid profile picture
    Nicole Abaid , bio

    Dr. Abaid's research focuses on networked dynamical systems. She studies diverse biological systems, ranging from animal groups to brain networks, to inspire novel results in mathematical modeling and control.

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    Silmane Adjerid profile picture
    Slimane Adjerid , bio

    Professor Adjerid conducts research on developing new discontinuous finite element methods for solving partial differential equations. His interest was on studying the superconvergence properties of discontinuous Galerkin methods that can be used to estimate discretization errors. Lately he his working on high-order immersed finite elements for interface problems.

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    Christopher Beattie profile picture
    Christopher Beattie , bio

    The principal research interests of Professor Beattie are in the areas of scientific computing and large scale computational linear algebra, with an emphasis on iterative Krylov methods. His primary focus is on model reduction of large scale dynamical systems with a goal of developing practical and rigorous computational algorithms for efficient manipulation and simulation of systems arising from physical models frequently described by systems of partial differential equations.

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    Jeff Borggaard profile picture
    Jeff Borggaard , bio

    Professor Borggaard studies the design and control of fluids. This includes computational fluid dynamics, control theory, optimization, sensitivity analysis, uncertainty quantification, and reduced-order models. In each case, the application of these research areas to partial differential equations that describe fluids are of interest.

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    John Burns profile picture
    John Burns , bio

    Professor Burns' current research is focused on computational methods for modeling, control, estimation and optimization of complex systems where spatially distributed information is essential. This includes systems modeled by partial and delay differential equations. Recent applications include modeling and control of thermal fluids, design and thermal management systems and optimization of mobile sensor networks.

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    Lauren Childs profile picture
    Lauren M. Childs , bio

    Professor Childs develops and analyzes mathematical and computational models to examine biologically-motivated questions.

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    Stanca Ciupe profile picture
    Stanca M. Ciupe , bio

    Dr. Ciupe's research interest is in the field of applied mathematics, specifically, systems of ordinary and delay differential equations and their application to biology and medicine.

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    Eric de Sturler  profile picture
    Eric de Sturler , bio

    Professor de Sturler's research focuses on numerical analysis for large-scale computational problems with an emphasis on fast solvers for linear and nonlinear systems, inverse problems and parameter estimation, optimization, and design, including iterative solvers and numerical linear algebra, randomization, stochastic methods, model reduction, and high performance computing with applications in computational mechanics, such structural optimization and computational fluid dynamics, tomography and image reconstruction, big data, computational physics, biology, and computer graphics.

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    Alex Elgart profile picture
    Alex Elgart , bio

    Professor Elgart primary research area is mathematical physics. The mathematical tools he uses mostly come from analysis and probability.

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    Mark Embree profile picture
    Mark Embree , bio

    Professor Embree studies numerical linear algebra and spectral theory, with particular interest in eigenvalue computations for nonsymmetric matrices and transient behavior of dynamical systems.

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    Serkan Gugercin profile picture
    Serkan Gugercin , bio

    Professor Gugercin studies computational mathematics, numerical analysis, and systems and control theory with a focus on data-driven modeling and model reduction of large-scale dynamical systems with applications to inverse problems, structural dynamics, material design, and flow control.

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    Peter Haskell profile picture
    Peter Haskell , bio

    Professor Haskell conducts research in index theory, which is the study of the connections between analysis and topological or geometric structures.

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    Traian Illescu profile picture
    Traian Iliescu , bio

    At the core of Professor Iliescu's research program is his vision of using both mathematics and computations to provide new knowledge on turbulent fluid flows dominated by coherent structures and create models with practical impact in engineering, climate modeling, and medicine. The ultimate goal of his research program is to transform turbulence modeling as we know it today and use mathematics, computations, physics, and data to discover general laws of turbulent fluid flows.

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    Estrella Johnson profile picture
    Estrella Johnson , bio

    Professor Johnson's research focuses on the pedagogical practices of mathematicians, with the goal of better understanding and supporting high quality, ambitious teaching in undergraduate mathematics classrooms.

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    Martin Klaus , bio

    Professor Klaus' research mainly concerns the spectral theory of linear operators and their connection with nonlinear evolution equations. This research has applications in the study of optical pulse propagation.

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    Tao Lin profile picture
    Tao Lin , bio

    Professor Tao Lin's main research interest is the numerical analysis on computational methods related with differential equations. He designs new numerical methods and carry out their convergence analysis. His recent research focuses on immersed finite element (IFE) methods that can solve interface problems of partial differential equation with interface independent meshes. He is also working on applying IFE methods to interface inverse problems via the shape optimization methodology.

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    Honghu Liu profile picture
    Honghu Liu , bio

    Professor Liu's research focuses on the design of effective low-dimensional reduced models for nonlinear deterministic and stochastic PDEs as well as DDEs. Applications to classical and geophysical fluid dynamics are actively pursued. Particular problems that are addressed include bifurcation analysis, phase transition, surrogate systems for optimal control, and stochastic closures for turbulence.

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    Nick Loehr profile picture
    Nick Loehr , bio

    Professor Loehr conducts research in algebraic combinatorics. His work focuses on the combinatorics of symmetric functions, quasisymmetric functions, lattice paths, and tableau-like structures. These objects encode remarkable algebraic information about group representations, polynomial invariants, and Lie algebras.

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    Eileen Martin profile picture
    Eileen Martin , bio

    Dr. Martin is an assistant professor doing research focused on computational mathematics, particularly with applications to geosciences. Her interests include data-intensive high performance computing, signal processing, imaging science, inverse problems, and working with large-scale sensor networks collecting streaming data.

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    Gretchen Mattews profile picture
    Gretchen Matthews , bio

    Professor Matthews' research is in applications of algebraic geometry to data storage, protection, and security, especially coding theory and cryptography.

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    Leonardo Mihalcea profile picture
    Leonardo Mihalcea , bio

    Associate Professor Mihalcea studies classical and quantum intersection rings for flag manifolds and related algebraic varieties, an area combining techniques from Algebraic Geometry, Combinatorics, and Geometric Representation Theory.

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    Travis Morrison , bio

    Professor Morrison's research is in algorithmic number theory and applications to cryptography.

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    Anderson Norton profile picture
    Anderson Norton , bio

    Professor Norton conducts research in mathematics education, building psychological models of students' mathematics and their mathematical development.

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    Daniel Orr profile picture
    Daniel Orr , bio

    Daniel Orr conducts research in representation theory and algebraic combinatorics.

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    Eyvindur Paisson profile picture
    Eyvindur Ari Palsson , bio

    Assistant Professor Palsson conducts research in harmonic analysis, geometric measure theory, combinatorics, number theory and partial differential equations.

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    Omar Saucedo profile picture
    Omar Saucedo , bio

    Assistant Professor Saucedo's research is Mathematical Biology with an emphasis on modeling infectious diseases.

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    Mark Shimozono , bio

    Professor Shimozono works on combinatorial problems arising in enumerative algebraic geometry and representation theory.

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    Sho-Ming Sun profile picture
    Shu-Ming Sun , bio

    Professor Sun's research interests include the mathematical theory of fluid mechanics, the theory of partial differential equations, and applied nonlinear analysis.

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    Went Sun profile picture
    Wenbo Sun , bio

    Assistant Professor Wenbo Sun works on the problems lying at the interaction of ergodic theory, combinatorics, and number theory.

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    Peter Wapperom , bio

    Professor Wapperom conducts research in computational fluid dynamics of complex fluids. This involves the mathematical modeling and numerical simulation of the flow of polymeric liquids and fluids reinforced with rigid particles.

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    Timothy Warburton profile picture
    Tim Warburton , bio

    Professor Warburton holds the John K. Costain Chair in the College of Science at Virginia Tech and is a faculty member of both the Department of Mathematics and the Computational Modeling and Data Analytics program. His research interests include developing new parallel algorithms and methods that are used to solve PDE based physical modes on the largest supercomputers.

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    Layne T. Watson profile picture
    Layne T. Watson , bio

    Dr. Watson's research interests include numerical analysis; nonlinear programming; mathematical software; solid mechanics; fluid mechanics; image processing; parallel computation; bioinformatics.

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    Anderson Norton profile picture
    Megan Wawro , bio

    Professor Wawro's research involves investigating students' reasoning about linear algebra in quantum mechanics and the development of inquiry-oriented instructional materials for linear algebra.

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    Yun Yang profile picture
    Yun Yang , bio

    Assistant professor Yang conducts research in ergodic theory and dynamical systems.

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    Pengtao Yue profile picture
    Pengtao Yue , bio

    Professor Yue works on the numerical simulation of flow problems with moving boundaries and complex rheology, including multiphase flow, viscoelastic fluids, dynamic wetting, and phase change phenomena.

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    Lizette Zietsman profile picture
    Lizette Zietsman , bio

    Professor Zietsman's research area covers the development and analysis of fundamental numerical algorithms arising in the study of stability, control and estimation of distributed parameter systems typical in structural control, fluid flow control, and thermal systems.

Post Docs

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    Michael D. Hicks , bio

    Dr. Hicks conducts research in the field of mathematics education. His specific interests include (1) investigating student's thinking about advanced mathematics, and (2) the distribution of authority in mathematics classrooms.

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    Petar Mlinarić profile picture
    Petar Mlinarić , bio

    Dr. Mlinarić conducts research in the field of model order reduction, in particular, structure-preserving and optimal methods.

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    George Psaromiligkos profile picture
    George Psaromiligkos , bio

    Professor Psaromiligkos conducts research on Harmonic Analysis with primary interest on the boundedness of various multi-parameter discrete and continuous operators. He is also interested in Geometric Measure Theory and its intersection with Harmonic Analysis.

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    Wellington Santos profile picture
    Welington Santos , bio

    Professor Santos' research is in algebra and coding theory.

Collegiate & Visiting Faculty

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    Rachel Arnold profile picture
    Rachel Arnold , bio

    Dr. Arnold conducts research on mathematical teaching and learning in upper-level mathematics courses, such as Introduction to Proofs and Advanced Calculus.

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    Arunabha Biswas profile picture
    Arunabha Biswas , bio

    Visiting Assistant Professor Biswas works in number theory.

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    Brian Cook profile picture
    Brian Cook , bio

    Visiting Assistant Professor Cook's research focuses on arithmetic harmonic analysis, extremal combinatorics & additive/analytic number Theory.

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    Palanivel Manoharan profile picture
    Palanivel Manoharan , bio

    Research interest in Geometry of Manifolds and geometry of quantum states.

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    Aidan Murphy profile picture
    Aidan W. Murphy , bio

    Professor Murphy's research interest is in the theory of error-correcting codes, with particular focus on algebraic geometry codes and locally recoverable codes.

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    Sanja Pantic profile picture
    Sanja Pantic , bio

    Professor Pantic has done research in nonlinear partial differential equations and numerical simulations of wave propagation.

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    Rebecca Steiner profile picture
    Rebecca M. Steiner , bio

    Dr. Steiner studies computability theory, the branch of mathematical logic concerned with finite algorithms and the mathematical problems which such algorithms can or cannot solve.

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    Turker Topcu profile picture
    Turker Topcu , bio

    Dr. Topcu works in the field of computational science. His research involves developing algorithms and codes to solve partial and ordinary differential equations to simulate quantum dynamical systems.

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    photo of Eric Ufferman
    Eric Ufferman , bio

    Collegiate Assistant Professor Ufferman teaches classes in both Computational Modeling and Data Analytics and Discrete Mathematics.

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    Jason R. Wilson , bio

    Collegiate Assistant Professor Wilson teaches Math and CMDA classes. His research interests include large scale linear algebra, high performance computing, and the mathematical foundations of data science.

Instructional Faculty

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    Diane Agud profile picture
    Diane Agud , bio

    Senior Instructor teaches undergraduate math courses and is a Math Advisor. She is Chair of the K-12 Outreach Committee.

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    Sarah Barreto profile picture
    Sarah Barreto , bio

    Dr. Barreto is an instructor who teaches undergraduate mathematics courses. She also serves as an advisor to math majors in the ADM option.

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    John Taylor Burleson , bio

    Instructor Burleson is currently engaged with teaching with an interest in computational fluid dynamics.

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    Diego Calle profile picture
    Diego Calle , bio

    Professor Calle conducts research in the structure of closed algebraic ideals in the algebra L(X) where X is a Banach space.

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    Head shot portrait for Graciela Cerezo in the College of Science at Virginia Tech.
    Graciela Cerezo , bio

    Dr Cerezo Menegay teaches undergraduate math, mainly Calculus and Differential Equations.

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    Josh Clemons profile picture
    Josh Clemons , bio

    Math Emporium Academic Manager. Dr. Clemons does research in the overlapping ares of complex dynamical systems, ergodic theory, and topology and teaches a wide variety of traditional courses in differential equations and combinatorics.

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    Fariha Elsrrawi profile picture
    Fariha Elsrrawi , bio

    Dr. Elsrrawi's research interest is in partial differential equations, focused on nonlinear equations.

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    Jerri England , bio

    Instructor England teaches Math 1524, Business Calculus, in the Math Emporium.

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    Garrett Fowler profile picture
    Garrett Fowler , bio

    Garrett Fowler's mathematical interests lay largely in combinatorics and algebra. His primary focus since graduating is teaching, but his previous research focused on Schubert Calculus.

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    Nate Gildersleeve , bio

    Instructor Gildersleeve teaches 1000-2000 level math classes. At the Math Emporium he teaches Math 1536, Geometry and the Mathematics of Design.

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    Jessica Hurdus profile picture
    Jessica Hurdus , bio

    Jessica Hurdus, Advanced Instructor, teaches undergraduate math courses, chairs the lower-division math advising team, coordinates math transfer credit evaluations, and is a team member for Math Emporium online quiz and test development.

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    Ted Juste profile picture
    Ted Juste , bio

    Dr. Juste's research interests are in applied functional analysis, frame theory, phase retrieval, and applied harmonic analysis.

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    Head shot portrait for Kelli Karcher
    Kelli Karcher , bio

    Instructor Karcher conducts research in orderable group theory, studying the cardinality of a variety of solvable groups.

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    Daniel Kim , bio

    Dr. Kim's research work has been in topological dynamics and discrete conformal geometry understanding Thurston maps, core entropy, and, briefly, hyperbolic expansion complexes.

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    Clayton Lungstrum profile picture
    Clayton Lungstrum , bio

    Dr. Lungstrum's research in mathematics focuses on various methods allowing one to obtain quantitative estimates regarding the location of the non-trivial zeros of Riemann's zeta functions.

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    Numann Malik profile picture
    Numann Malik , bio

    Dr. Malik's interests lie in nonlinear partial differential equations; specifically the asymptotic behavior, orbital stability, and effective dynamics, of dark solitons that arise from defocusing nonlinear Schrodinger equations.

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    Ba Nguyen profile picture
    Ba Nguyen , bio

    Dr. Ba Nguyen conducts research in Cluster Algebra and Representation Theory, especially the connections between them.

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    Sanja Pantic profile picture
    Sarma Pidaparthi , bio

    Dr. Pidaparthi's research areas are in numerical analysis, mathematical modeling and finite element simulations.

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    Erika Rappold , bio

    Instructor Rappold teaches 1000-2000 level undergraduate mathematics courses and is working on her Ph.D.

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    Andrea Carracedo Rodriguez , bio

    Dr Carracedo Rodriguez conducts research in numerical analysis, with a focus on efficiently building approximations to dynamical systems from data or via model reduction.

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    Jessica Schmale profile picture
    Jessica Schmale , bio

    Senior Instructor Schmale teaches undergraduate math courses, serves as a GTA mentor, coordinates Math 1225 Readiness, and is a team member for Math Emporium online quiz and test development.

  • Bio Item
    Alison Sibol , bio

    Math Emporium Staff Supervisor

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    Steven Silber profile picture
    Steven Silber , bio

    Mr. Silber conducts research in mathematics education, examining students' engagement and reasoning in novel mathematical tasks.

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    Head shot portrait for Jessica Thompson in the College of Science at Virginia Tech.
    Jessica Thompson , bio

    Instructor Thompson teaches introductory courses including courses at the Math Emporium.

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    Marcie Tiraphatna profile picture
    Marcie Tiraphatna , bio

    Ms. Tiraphatna currently teaches undergraduate math courses. She also serves as a faculty advisor for the Association for Women in Mathematics (VT Chapter).

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    Victoria Truman profile picture
    Julia Truman , bio

    Dr. Truman conducts research in mathematics education, studying mathematical problem-solving of college students and other adults in areas such as linear algebra with a particular focus on adults on the autism spectrum.

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    Madhavi Vishnubholta profile picture
    Madhavi Vishnubhotla , bio

    Dr. Madhavi Vishnubhotla conducts research in mathematics education with a focus on in-service and pre-service mathematics teachers’ meanings for mathematical ideas and pedagogical practices of mathematics instructors.

  • Bio Item
    Joseph Wells  profile picture
    Joseph Wells , bio

    Dr. Wells thinks about most things related to complex hyperbolic geometry. In particular, he is interested in (non-)arithmetic subgroups of SU(n,1) and, lately, spherical CR-uniformizations of 3-manifolds.

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    Sohei Yasuda profile picture
    Sohei Yasuda , bio

    Instructor Yasuda teaches undergraduate mathematics courses and works as a course coordinator of MATH 2204.

  • Bio Item
    Kyle Zachrich profile picture
    Kyle Zachrich , bio

    Instructor Zachrich has research interests in data visualization and educational animations.

Retired & Emeritus Faculty

  • Bio Item
    Ezra Brown profile picture
    Ezra (Bud) Brown , bio

    Bud Brown does research in number theory (mainly algebraic number theory, quadratic forms, and elliptic curves), combinatorics (mainly combinatorial designs), expository mathematics (two dozen articles on a variety of topics), and cryptography.

  • Bio Item
    Martin Day profile picture
    Martin Day , bio

    Professor Day's research focused on applications of the large deviations analysis of stochastic processes, specifically the classical exit problem for diffusions. Later work involved fluid limit analysis of queueing processes.

  • Bio Item
    William Floyd  profile picture
    William Floyd , bio

    Professor Floyd conducts research in geometric group theory, complex dynamics, and discrete conformal geometry.

  • Bio Item
    George Hagedorn profile picture
    George Hagedorn , bio

    Professor Hagedorn works in mathematical physics. He specializes in molecular quantum dynamics.

  • Bio Item
    Jong Uhn Kim , bio

    Professor Kim's research has been in analysis of partial differential equations which arise in fluid mechanics and elasticity.

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    Michael Renardy profile picture
    Michael Renardy , bio

    Professor Renardy's research is in partial differential equations and applications to fluid mechanics, in particular viscoelastic flows.

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    Yuriko Renardy , bio

    Professor Renardy's research concerns the modeling, analysis and computation of fluid motion, in particular fluids with interfaces and non-Newtonian fluids. She has worked in particular on problems of stability, pattern formation, deformation of drops, and thixotropic yield stress fluids.

  • Bio Item
    Robert Rogers profile picture
    Bob Rogers , bio

    Professor Rogers studies continuum mechanics and nonconvex problems in partial differential equations. He also studies models of acoustics.

  • Bio Item
    John Rossi profile picture
    John Rossi , bio

    Professor Rossi conducts research in complex function theory with specialties in value distribution theory and potential theory.