Math Circle is back is Session!

The Virginia Tech Math Circle is holding it's first session for students in Middle School on

Saturday September 25th  from 9:30 - 10:30 AM
in 455 McBryde Hall.

Dr. Eyvi Palsson will lead the group in ways to answer the question,  "In how many ways can something happen?" The session will be accessible to all middle school students and will start with basic techniques such as the multiplication and addition principles. That will lead to more sophisticated techniques such as counting permutations and combinations.

Anyone who is a student in grades 4 - 7 is welcome to attend. Registration is required, so register now through the link below.  Teachers are welcome to come and visit the circle anytime.

Please note that everyone is required to adhere to VT and public health guidelines, including wearing face coverings at all times while indoors. You can visit the VT Ready website for further details.

Math Circle was founded by Alex Elgart and Leonardo Mihalcea to bring together mathematicians and graduate students from VT and students from Blacksburg and its vicinity, in a journey to explore the beauty of mathematics, and promote mathematical creativity. You can get more information about Math Circle by visiting their Website.