Congratulations Spring 2024 Graduates and Award Winners!

The Mathematics Department congratulates the graduating class of 2024! Seventy undergraduates completed degrees in mathematics during the 2023-24 academic year (11 in Fall 2023 and 59 in Spring 2024). An additional 17 students completed graduate degrees in mathematics, and several students received additional recognition for their accomplishments as Mathematics students at Virginia Tech. We are proud of all of our students, all that they have accomplished, and all they will accomplish moving forward. Ut Prosim!

Last Name First Name
Dec Corey
Dhingra Renaya
Finley  Molly 
Guo Yaoyang
Hillhouse  William 
Huang Wentao
Matsuo  Wilson 
Portelli  Eric 
Sahu  Sneha 
Zhou  Lingyu 
Last Name First Name
Anderson  Claire 
Auletti  Jarod 
Becker  Dominic 
Brown  Emma 
Bui  Harrison 
Crocker  Austin 
Davis  Grant 
Deleon  Max 
Dolin  Ethan 
Doyle Jay
Ewing  Elise 
Feinstone  Emma 
Fink  Ethan 
Fu  Xiwei 
George  Ross 
Gong Wenyi
Harkness  Sam 
Hartman  JC 
Hegde  Veda 
Hinds  Clare 
Humpton  Bennet 
John Jeffrey 
Jones  Julia 
Jung  Haewon 
Kang  Sihua 
Kinkead  Carter 
Koram  Sekou 
Lao  Jiancheng 
Le  Laurent 
Luersen  Brandon 
Ma  Ruisi 
Mach  Ryan 
Merski  Brandon 
Mintz  Sasha 
Mooers  Fredrick 
Moore  Adison 
Mullin  Grant 
Ortuno  Alejandro 
Pleimling  Yannick 
Quatrini  Katherine 
Ritch  Ryan 
Robins  Sarah 
Robinson  Matthew 
Semp  Brannon 
Senegal  JaQuan 
Shah  Karan 
Sorek  Shahaf 
Suliga  Jeffrey 
Sun  Bangyu 
Totah  Bryn 
Tripoli  Emma 
Untalan  Pamela 
Viala  Michael 
Winters  Connor 
Xu Kaiye
Yang  Sally 
Yerovi  Joe 
Zeidan  Canon 
Zhang  Yuanzhi 

Summer 2024 Bachelor of Science Graduates

Last Name First Name
Li Xuanyu
Wang Martin Qichu
Last Name First Name Thesis Title 
Beahr Mason Non-Thesis MS
Bradie Adam Non-Thesis MS
Flanagan Kyle Professional Mathematicians' Level of Understanding: An Investigation of Pseudo-Objectification (PhD)
Greco Andrew Non-Thesis MS
Heitzman-Breen Nora Within Host and Multiscale Models of Usutu and SARS-CoV-2 Viral Infections with Animal Hosts (PhD)
Hosmer Taylor Non-Thesis MS
Jiang Shuai Dual Filtered Graphs for Kac-Moody algebras (PhD)
Meghaichi Haroun Higher Order Immersed Finite Element Methods for Interface Problems (MS)
Puglisi Nicolas Validating Forecasting Strategies of Simple Epidemic Models on the 2015-2016 Zika Epidemic (MS)
Quinlan Isis A Novel Insertion Algorithm  (PhD)
Regmi Saahil Non-Thesis MS
Shaplin Richard Simple Stationary Steps in Quantum Walks (PhD)
Swanson Nicolas Deciding if a Genus 1 Curve has a Rational Point (MS)
Walker Matthew Blake Non-Thesis MS
Shapiro Julia  Multishot Capacity of Adversarial Networks (MS)
Bender Sam  Dominant Truncated Floquet Transformation (MS)
Miller Anayse Non-Thesis MS 
list of math awards for 2023

2023-2024 Top Nominee for the President's Award for Excellence
Kevin Kish

2023 Germund Dahlquist Prize
Yingda Cheng

Published in Inventiones MATH
Alex Elgart

The Australian Mathematical Society's 2023 Mahony-Neumann-Room Prize
José Madrid

American Mathematical Society's Stefan Bergman Fellowship
José Madrid

2023-24 Academy of Data Science Discovery Fund
Jason LeGrow
Gretchen Matthews

Travis Morrison

MAA Open Math Workshop Initiative
Rachel Arnold
Anderson Norton

College of Science Diversity Fellowship Grant
Fanny Jasso-Hernandez
Jessica Schmale

College of Science Instructional Grant Award
Rachel Arnold
Jason LeGrow
Travis Morrison

Ruth I. Michler Memorial Prize
Lauren Childs


Instructors of the Year
Andrea Carracedo Rodriguez
Joseph Wells

Outstanding First Year Instructor
Jeffrey Evans

Instructional Faculty Service Award
Diane Agud
Heath David Hart
Fanny Jasso-Hernandez
Turker Topcu

Faculty Promotions*

Promotion to Advanced Instructor*
Maziar Ouliaei-Nia
Kyle Zachrich


Excellent Performance in the Putnam
Grant Mullins

Association for Women in Mathematics President
Jennifer Smucker

Nominees to Phi Beta Kappa
Xiwei Fu
Ross George
Clare Hinds
Bennet Humpton
Alejandro Ortuno
Michael Viala

New Pi Mu Epsilon Members
Olivia Kielb
Amelia Kurowska
Ryan Mach
Nishad Manohar
Sasha Mintz
Fredrick Mooers
Ryan Mueller
Taylor Murrell
Michael Viala