Congratulations Spring 2023 Graduates and Award Winners!

The Mathematics Department extends its congratulations to the graduating class of 2023. Fifty-four (54) undergraduates completed degrees in mathematics this spring. An additional 20 students completed graduate degrees in mathematics. And several students received additional recognition for their accomplishments as Mathematics students at Virginia Tech. Additionally, three of our students competed in the Layman Prize competition for undergraduate research, with junior Robert Long taking the prize. We are proud of all of our students, all that they have accomplished, and all they will accomplish moving forward. Ut Prosim!

Search the VT Commencement Data Base for your Spring 2023 graduate, or see the list of Math graduates below.

Name Distinction
An, Hongxuan

summa cum laude

Basener, Wesley James

magna cum laude

Bhatti, Alina Sohail

magna cum laude

Cann, Luke Henry


Caudill, John C


cum laude

Chenoweth, Summer Lynn

magna cum laude

Congleton, Nathan William


Crim, Jacob


Danilov, Aleksandr Ivanovic


Dayton, Jamie Ann

magna cum laude

De Jager, Jenifer Rain


Devito, Thomas Anthony

magna cum laude

Djunaedi, Mitchell Anthony


Egan, Hailey Rhiannon


Exarchakis, Nicholas George

cum laude

Gauza, Stanislaw A.

cum laude

Georgiou, Christopher Marti

magna cum laude

Gillespie, James Alexander


Glasser, Casey Payton

summa cum laude

Gonzalez Granda, Nicolas


Goradia, Nicholas Landon Ki

magna cum laude

Han, Lucy Ye Jin

summa cum laude

Harrison, Gregory Patrick

summa cum laude

Kasmarek, Natalie Michelle

cum laude

Kelleher, Sean Patrick


Khullar, Anusheka


Kim, William Youngjae


Knapp, Nicholas James


Krebs, Jenna Angelena
cum laude

Lashko, Artem Vladimirovich
cum laude

Li, Shengrong

cum laude

Liu, Yimeng

magna cum laude

McCarthy, Emily Carolanne

summa cum laude

Mercer, Matthew Hayden


Miah, Rohan Fuad


Mittal, Akash


Monk, April Denise

summa cum laude

Parameswaran, Aaditya Krish


Press, Gabriel Ian


Robinson, Devon Lloyd


Rodriguez, Sara Carina


Scott, Alison Lee


Seibel, Claire Elizabeth

summa cum laude

Sensouphab, Aliya


Shah, Jinit Shaishavkumar


Shaikh, Taha

cum laude

Srakaew, Sirawit Alexander

magna cum laude

Stosic, Evan Michael

magna cum laude

Taylor, Christopher Thomas

summa cum laude

Tekampe, Matthew Louis


Wang, Zehong


Wilson, Ana Greer


Zaheer, Ali Sina


Jonathan Baker, PhD (advisor: Mark Embree)
Peter Caruso, MS (advisor: Nicole Abaid)
Wendi Gao, MS (advisor: Jason LeGrow)
Nilton Garcia Hilares, PhD (advisor: Mark Embree)
Sarah Kerrigan, PhD (advisor: Anderson Norton)
Vladislav Kokushkin (advisor: Anderson Norton)
Sydney Lang, MS (advisor: Jeffrey Borggaard)
Connor Lowden, MS (advisor: Yun Yang)
William Mahaney, MS (advisor: Travis Morrison)
Ashlyn McDonald, MS (advisor: Serkan Gugercin)
Ian Moore, MS (advisor: Traian Iliescu)
Dylan Park, MS (advisor: Traian Iliescu)
Juan Romero Acosta, PhD (advisor: Eyvindur A. Palsson)
Varun Scarlett, MS (advisor: Peter Haskell)
Jennifer Smucker, MS (advisor: Eyvindur A. Palsson)
Tatiane Swap, MS (advisor: Lauren M. Childs)
Stephen Timmel, PhD (advisor: Gretchen L. Matthews)
Daniel Valvo, PhD (advisor: Gretchen L. Matthews)

list of math awards for 2023
list of math awards for 2023 (page 2)

On Reading Day, Thursday May 4th, math enthusiasts gathered in the Commons Room to witness the annual Layman Prize Competition for Undergraduate Research in Mathematics organized by the Mathematics Department. Three undergraduate students presented their research:

JC Hartman
Hopf Bifurcation in Neutral Delay Differential Equations: Galerkin Approximation and Center Manifold Reduction
(research advisor Dr. Liu)

Robert Long
A Note on the Density of kth Abundancy Indices
(research advisor Dr. Lungstrum)

Alex Sing
Using a Self-study Approach to Develop Strategies in Proofs Writing from an Epistemological Context
(research advisor Dr. Norton)

Each participant was given 20 minutes to present their work and answer questions from the panel of judges. The evaluation committee of Professors Mihalcea, Sun and Yue had the challenging job of selecting a winner, after hearing three great talks. After deliberating the winner of the competition was announced to be Robert Long with the project "A Note on the Density of kth Abundancy Indices" advised by Dr. Lungstrum. Congratulations to both student and advisor!

We thank all the students and advisors who participated. You can see the complete list of winners posted on our Undergraduate Research page.