The Mathematics Department extends it's congratulations to this year's graduating class! 

The Mathematics Department will hold a Graduation Reception for all of this year's graduates and their families on Friday May 13th in Hancock Hall Room 100 from 2 - 4 pm.

Information about graduation ceremonies can be found on the Virginia Tech Commencement site.

Anderson Greta Helen Cum
Andrews Ethan Harris  
Baessler Florian Andreas  
Bampton Nicholas James Magna
Bang Sungwoo  
Beck Megan Marie Summa
Binder Luke Andrew  
Bloy Dorian Cum
Buchsbaum Mia Anastasia  
Byrne Isabel Tildy Summa
Carbillon Ma.Therese Palenzuela  
Childers Leah Marie Summa
Clyborne Brandon Michael  
Didenkov Alexey Summa
Dritschel Adam Robert  
Ernst Wyatt Adam  
Feng Yu  
Frankenberg Nicholas Charles Summa
Gager Zachary David Summa
Gehl Benjamin Kevin  
Godfrey Calvin Louis Summa
Gordon Spencer Novak  
Greco Andrew Carter Summa
Gu Wenxuan  
Hart Rachelle Teruko  
Hill Aria Marie  
Hosmer Taylor Harelson  
Johnston Cooper Riley Summa
Juarez Lopez Jenny Roselia  
Liang Guanying Summa
Liu Jianing Cum
Liu Shicheng Magna
Magoffin Mckenna Rose Summa, Hnlaur
Mannarelli Victoria M. Summa
Phares Bryce Robert  
Qian Yue Cum
Shevalier Alexander Louis  
Song Yixuan Coop
Spears Paul Kiah Summa
Swanson Nicolas J Brennan Summa
Tang Rui  
Taylor Aiden Lowndes  
Uhl Kristen Elisabeth  
Vincelette Sara Kathryn Cum
Waldschmidt Constantin Tran  
Wang Chenming Magna
Wang Xinbo  
Wang Yongjia  
Wang Yuyao Cum
Wissler Andrew Dominick Cum
Wright Nathaniel Wilson Summa
Xiao Yilin Cum
Yang Tun-Yuan  
Yarnall Nicholas Yagi Summa

John Taylor Burleson, M.S. Thesis (21 July 2021)
  Numerical Simulations of Viscoelastic Flows Using the Discontinuous Galerkin Method
  Advisor: Pengtao Yue

Sean Reiter, M.S. Thesis (16 December 2021)
  On the Tightness of the Balanced Truncation Error Bound with an Application to Arrowhead Systems
  Advisor: Mark Embree

Zachary Boone, M.S. Thesis (2 May 2022)
  Distance Sets and Gap Lemma
  Advisor: Eyvindur Palsson

Zachary Candelaria, M.S. Thesis (5 May 2022)
  Phase-Field Modeling of Oscillatory Wetting Phenomena with Contact Angle Hysterisis
  Advisor: Pengtao Yue

Sarah Morgan, M.S. Thesis (5 May 2022)
  Improving Separation of Signals from Multiple Physical Quantities
  Advisor: Eileen Martin
Michael Ackermann, M.S. Thesis (6 May 2022)
  Frequency-Domain Based Learning of Dynamical Systems from Purely Time-Domain Data
  Advisor: Serkan Gugercin

Kathrine Saniel, M.S. Presentation (9 May 2022)
  Masters Presentation: Alternate Direction Algorithms for Linear Inverse Problems
  Advisor: Matthias Chung


Arielle Carr (23 June 2021)
  Recycling Techniques for Sequences of Linear Systems and Eigenproblems
  Advisor: Eric de Sturler

Kaitlin Serbin (13 July 2021)
  Prospective Teachers' Knowledge of Secondary and Abstract Algebra and their Use of this Knowledge while Noticing Students' Mathematical Thinking
  Advisor: Estrella Johnson

Rutuja Kshirsagar (9 February 2022)
  Graph-based and algebraic codes for error-correction, recovery
  Advisor: Gretchen Matthews
Aiden Murphy (15 March 2022)
  Codes from norm-trace curves: local recovery and fractional decoding
  Advisor: Gretchen Matthews

Benjamin Goodberry (18 March 2022)
  Partially-Symmetric Macdonald Polynomials
  Advisor: Daniel Orr

Sean Sovine (21 April 2022)
  Bounds for Bilinear Analogues of the Spherical Averaging Operation
  Advisor: Eyvindur Palsson

David Oetjen (6 May 2022)
  Cotangent Schubert Calculus in Grassmannians
  Advisor: Leonardo Mihalcea



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