Dr. E. Fanny Jasso-Hernandez received the College of Science Diversity Award for her work with Matecharlas. In the letter announcing the award, Lou Madsen the chair of the College of Science Inclusion and Diversity Committee, wrote:

This award recognizes your broad service efforts over the years, notably your formation of, dedication to, and leadership of the student group Matecharlas in partnership with the El Centro lounge.  

Matecharlas, a joint venture with El Centro, was formed by Dr. Jasso-Hernandez as a way to give Latinx students a weekly opportunity to discuss and receive help with their mathematics in spanish. Since it's inception, the program has grown considerably to include talking about career options, course advising, choosing graduate schools or any combination that includes mathematics. Dr. Graciela Cerezo also joins the group for the weekly conversations.

This Fall (2022), the group will meet on Thursday's from 1 - 2 pm in the  El Centro lounge (309 Squires Student Center). Any VT student is welcome!

Join them and brush up on both your spanish and your mathematics!