The Mathematics Department will host a virtual graduation ceremony on Saturday, May 15th at 9 am.

Department Chair, Eric de Sturler, will give the opening remarks. Overall Outstanding Mathematics Senior, Sung Kim, will also address the graduates. 

In addition, many of the graduating seniors provided videos and photos to share. These reflections were interspersed with messages from members of the mathematics faculty.

A video link is provided below, along with information about our graduating seniors, and an opportunity for you to give them kudos on their achievements! 

The graduation ceremony will be held on May 15th at 9am! Watch the full ceremony below.

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Last Name First Name Distinction
Andrews Ethan Harris  
Beahr Mason Everett Summa Cum Laude
Brinza Patrick D. Summa Cum Laude
Carter William Michael  
Chen Jing  
Clancy John Thomas  
Conwell Joseph Mark  
Dean-Taylor Mary A  
Dembski Sydney Elizabeth Magna Cum Laude
Eberly Andrew John  
Giovannelli Isabella Lucy Summa Cum Laude
Gordon Spencer Novak  
Guo Shengyuan  
Guttilla Matthew Thomas Cum Laude
Heldreth Joshua Tyler  
Helme Jenna Rose  
Jain Anahita Cum Laude, Coop
Kim Sung Hyun Summa Cum Laude
Kimata Celine Carr  
Kirkpatrick Ryan  
Krall Haley HoHyun  
Li Yixuan  
Lionetti Matthew Robert Cum Laude
Long Christopher James
Manansala Frances Erica Guerrero Cum Laude
Mann Robyn Leila Cum Laude
McDonald Ashlyn Grace Magna Cum Laude
McLaren Reilly Alexander Summa Cum Laude
Moore Daniel Stephen  
Moore Ian Robert Magna Cum Laude
Mulloy Conner Steven Summa Cum Laude
Murali Ragavi Magna Cum Laude
Prodanas Alexios  
Rolincik Sean McKinley  
Sharp Daniel Garner Summa Cum Laude
Sharp Timothy A. Magna Cum Laude
Sisay Fanuel  
Smith Daniel Clarence  
Snyder Liam McCoy  
Sridhar Sailesh Cum Laude
Sutara Casey Morgan Cum Laude
Thornburgh Luke Allen  
Trivedi Anuradha Gautam Cum Laude
Wang Dixuan Cum Laude
Wang Ruilin  
Wang Zongyu  
Wheeling Hannah Christine  
Worrell Austin Shane  

Jon Carl Cooper, M.S. Thesis (Fall 2020)  

Efficient H2 Model Reduction of Dynamical Systems
Advisor: Matthias Chung
Committee Members: Mark Embree and Serkan Gugercin

Garrett Michael Fowler, M.S. Presentation,

 An Introduction to Schubert Calculus on Grassmannians
Advisor: Leonardo Mihalcea
Committee Members: Peter Haskell and Daniel Orr

Nora Grace Heitzman-Breen, M.S. Presentation (Spring 2021)

Advisor: Stanca Ciupe
Committee Members: Lauren Childs and Omar Saucedo

Marilin Annie Kelley, M.S. Thesis (Fall 2020)

Teachers' Reflection on Inquiry-Oriented Instruction in Online Professional Development
Advisor: Estrella Johnson
 Committee Members: Anderson Norton and Megan Wawro

Joseph Lee Kump, M.S. Thesis (Spring 2021)

Efficient Algorithms for Data Analytics in Geophysical Imaging
Advisor: Eileen Martin
Committee Members: Mark Embree and Russell Hewett

Quiyana Monet Murphy, M.S. Presentation (Spring 2021)

Mathematical Models for Systemic lupus erythematosus and SARS-CoV-2 Transmission
Advisor: Stanca Ciupe
Committee Members: Lauren Childs and Omar Saucedo

Nicole Lynn Nardella, M.S. Presentation (Spring 2021)

Mathematical modeling of covid 19
Advisor: Lauren Childs
Committee Members: Stanca Ciupe and Omar Saucedo

Thaovy Tuong Nguyen, M.S. Thesis (Spring 2021)

Utilizing Recurrent Neural Networks for Temporal Data Generation and Prediction
Advisor: Russell Hewett
Committee Members: Eileen Martin and Serkan Gugercin

Andrew Shedlock, M.S. Thesis (Spring 2021)

A Numerical Method for solving the Periodic Burgers Equation through a Stochastic Differential Equation
Advisor: Jeff Borggaard
Committee Members: John Rossi and Lizette Zietsman

Kevin Barrett Summers, M.S. (Spring 2021)

Advisor: Leonardo Mihalcea
Committee Members: Peter Haskell and Daniel Orr

Amy Demetra Geae Vennos, M.S. Thesis (Spring 2021)

Security of Lightweight Cryptographic Primitives
Advisor: Gretchen Matthews
Committee Members: Alan Michaels and Daniel Orr

Michael Thomas Wills, M.S. Thesis (Spring 2021)

Computing the trace of an endomorphism of a supersingular elliptic curve
Advisor: Gretchen Matthews
Committee Members: Travis Morrison, Daniel Orr, and Mark Shimozono

Jovan Žigić, M.S. Thesis (Spring 2021)

Optimization Methods for Dynamic Mode Decomposition of Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations
Advisor: Jeff Borggaard
Committee Members: Tao Lin and Lizette Zietsman

Andrea Carracedo Rodriguez, Ph.D. (Summer 2020)

Approximation of Parametric Dynamical Systems
Advisor: Serkan Gugercin
Committee Members: Christopher Beattie, Jeff Borggaard, Mark Embree, and Traian Iliescu

Taewon Cho, Ph.D. (Spring 2021)

Computational Advancements for Solving Large-scale Inverse Problems
Advisor: Julianne Chung
Committee Members: Jeff Borggaard, Matthias Chung, and Eileen Martin

Ahsan Chowdhury, Ph.D. (Spring 2021)

Instructors' Orientation on Mathematical Meaning
Advisor: Estrella Johnson
Committee Members: Anderson Norton, Megan Wawro, and Jesse Wilkins

Stephanie Nicole Gamble, Ph.D. (Fall 2020)

Conical Intersections and Avoided Crossings of Electronic Energy Levels
Advisor: George Hagedorn
Committee Members: Clotilde Fermanian Kammerer, Alexander Elgart, Martin Klaus, and Eduard Valeyev

Daniel Min Kim, Ph.D. (Spring 2021)

Core Entropy of Finite Subdivision Rules 
Advisor: William Floyd
Committee Members: Peter Haskell, Daniel Orr, and John Rossi 

Birgul Koc, Ph.D. (Spring 2021)

Numerical Analysis for Data-Driven Reduced Order Model Closures
Advisor: Traian Iliescu
Committee Members: Jeff Borggaard, Serkan Gugercin, and Honghu Liu

Changhong Mou, Ph.D. (Spring 2021)

Data-Driven Variational Multiscale Reduced Order Modeling of Turbulent Flows
Advisor: Traian Iliescu
Committee Members: Jeff Borggaard, John Burns, and Honghu Liu

Klajdi Sinani, Ph.D. (Summer 2020)

Finite Horizon Optimality and Operator Splitting in Model Reduction of Large-Scale Dynamical System
Advisor: Serkan Gugercin
Committee Members: Christopher Beattie, Jeff Borggaard, and Mark Embree

Melody Anne Walker, Ph.D. (Spring 2021)

Discrete and continuous mathematical investigation of juvenile mosquito dynamics
Advisor: Lauren Childs
Committee Members: Sally Paulson, Michael Robert, and Omar Saucedo

Eech year, the Mathematics Department identifies an overall outstanding senior, as well as outstanding seniors from each of our four degree options.

Congratulations to this year's awardees!

Overall Outstanding Senior: Sung Kim

  • Math Education: Robyn Mann
  • Traditional: Mason Behr
  • Appied Computational: Anu Trivedi
  • Applied Discrete: Ragavi Murali