Undergraduates, are you interested in research in mathematics, but aren't sure what that would mean? This Spring 2021 semester, the Mathematics Department is offering a new class that is aimed at students who are interested in math research, but aren't ready to get into a fully independent research project. The course will be geared towards students taking their first proof writing class, or who have recently taken their first proof writing class.

The course is called BEPUR: Broadening Engagement and Participation in Undergraduate Research, and will be listed as MATH 2984. There will be a mix of math research skills lessons, hands-on collaborative exploration of 3 introductory math research projects, and students will get the chance to interact with speakers through the SURE.  The course will be taught by Luther and Alice Hamlett Junior Fellow, Dr. Eileen Martin, but there will also be lessons led by Gretchen Matthews, and projects led by Jason Wilson and Eric Ufferman. More information is available at the BEPUR course website.