While social distancing measures due to the on-going COVID 19 epidemic have us stuck in our homes, many forums have turned to a virtual setting to keep communities thriving. Math Circles, enrichment programs for K-12 students interested in mathematics, are no exception. The Virtual Math Circle, run out of Stanford University, which draws participation from students of the Stanford University on-line high school and beyond, has used the opportunity to get mathematicians from across the world to take part.

Our very own Assistant Professor Eyvindur Ari Palsson will be this week’s speaker for the Virtual Math Circle. His talk, entitled “The Erdos Distinct Distance Problem” will introduce this famous problem, which asks ‘What is the least number of distinct distances formed by n points in the plane?’ He will emphasis that such easily posed questions can be the source of beautiful and challenging mathematics!

To hear more, tune in at 4 pm PDT (7 pm EDT) on Thursday, April 16th!
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Details at https://virtualmathcircle.wixsite.com/home