The Mathematical Association of America (MAA) along with the Virginia Tech Mathematics Department have provided funding for SURE: Speakers and Undergradute Research Engagement. Principal investigators Professor Gretchen Matthews, Associate Professor Lizette Zietsman and Assistant Professor Eileen Martin developed the new program intended for undergraduate women students looking for their first taste of research in mathematics.

This program is composed of two parts. First, during the fall, the students will participate in a one-credit course. That course will continue in the spring with students working in small teams to address research questions of their choice. Second, the grant will bring in diverse women mathematicians from other institutions to campus to give research talks. Each talk will be supplemented by introductory undergrad-level pre-talks, fireside chats for speaker/student interaction and follow-up discussions summarizing the research talks in the course.

Three stipends of $1000 are available for support during the spring semester. Students for these awards will be selected based on financial need and research performance. 

For more information about the program, contact Dr. Eileen Martin