Picture of Ken Pomeroy

Virginia Tech alum, Ken Pomeroy from kenpom.com visited Virginia Tech on October 30th with a full agenda, meeting with students of the Virginia Tech  Sports Data Analytics Club and finishing the day with an evening presentation for the public. 

Ken is a meteorologist who revolutionized how we watch college basketball. His website kenpom.com is used by coaches to self-scout their own teams and prepare for opponents, by media to better understand college basketball, and by fans who are interested in gaining an advanced knowledge of the game.  Over the past few years, the site has gone from occasional shout-outs at press conferences to becoming a mainstream fixture for sports enthusiasts and coaches alike.

Ken took time out from his day at Virginia Tech to eat lunch and talk with students in the Sports Data Analytics Club at Virginia Tech. They gained valuable insight into not only the business side of running a web-based business but also how Ken transitioned from being an civil engineer to his current job as a meteorologist!

Ken's talk in the evening was to a full house. Over 150 students heard Ken Pomeroy describe how he's spent the past 15 years working in basketball analytics, from running kenpom.com to consulting for college and pro teams. Ken talked about his favorite projects from his work in basketball and also the lessons he's learned from running a business. He explained how a civil engineering degree from Virginia Tech led to a career in meteorology which led to his work in basketball. 

Panorama picture of the full house for talk by Ken Pom

His talk was hosted by the newly formed Sports Data Analytics Club at Virginia Tech and sponsored the Mathematics Department &  Computational Modeling and Data Analytics (CMDA).  

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