The Mathematics Department began November with a Circus! The Finite Element Circus was held at Virginia Tech, November 1st and 2nd, in Pamplin Hall. Faculty, graduate students and postdocs representing twenty-eight different institutions participated in the festivities. 

The Finite Element Circus is a regular conference, meeting twice a year, which is devoted to the theory and applications of the finite element method, and related areas of numerical analysis and partial differential equations. Speakers at Circus meetings are volunteers from the audience and are decided upon at the start of the meeting. The length of talks is set depending on the number of volunteers, so speakers have to prepare a talk that can be trimmed to various lengths (10-15 minutes is typical). Over the course of the two day conference, there were forty-two talks given.

Panorama picture of the full house for the finite element circus
A full house for the finite element circus!

The Virginia Tech Mathematics Department had multiple volunteers as Traian Iliescu jumped into the ring along with two of his current graduate students, Birgul Koc and Changhong Mou. Traian's  talk was entitled "FEM + Data = ROM." Brigul's presentation was "Variational Multi-Scale Data-Driven Closure Reduced Order Model" while Changhone spoke on "Data-Driven Closure Reduced Order Models for the Quasi-Geostrophic Equation."

Haroun Meghaichi, a graduate student of Slimane Adjerid, spoke on "An immersed finite element method for acoustic-elastic wave propagation."  Qiao Zhuang, a graduate student of Tao Lin, gave a talk entitled "Immersed Finite Element Methods For Second Order Hyperbolic Equations in Inhomogeneous Media."

Another one of the speakers had close ties to the Mathematics Department.  Anthony Austin was a postdoc with Tim Warburton until recently and is now Professor at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA. His co-author of the work presented, Kasia Swirydowicz, completed her PhD at Virginia Tech with Eric de Sturler and also completed a postdoc with Tim Warburton.

Dinner at Zeppolis for the finite element circus members
Circus Members enjoy a relaxing dinner after the day's festivities.

The conference was sponsored by the Virginia Tech Mathematics Department &   College of Science. The local organizing committe consisted of  Slimane AdjeridAnthony AustinTraian IliescuTao LinTim Warburton

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