Virginia Tech hosted the SIAM Southeastern Atlantic Section Annual Meeting (SIAM SEAS) in Blacksburg, March 25-26. SIAM is the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics. Many of our faculty serve as leaders in that community:

• Traian Iliescu (Virginia Tech) President
• Leo G. Rebholz (Clemson University) Vice President
• Zhu Wang (University of South Carolina) Secretary/Treasurer
• Honghu Liu (Virginia Tech) Local Organizing Committee Chair
• Nicole Abaid (Virginia Tech)
• Paul Cazeaux (Virginia Tech)
• Giuseppe Cotardo (Virginia Tech) 
• Jason T. LeGrow (Virginia Tech) 
• Agnieszka Miedlar (Virginia Tech) 
• Petar Mlinarić (Virginia Tech) 
• Fazle Rabby (Virginia Tech) 
• Joseph Wells (Virginia Tech) 
• Fangchi Yan (Virginia Tech) 
• Pengtao Yue (Virginia Tech)

The SIAM student chapter at Virginia Tech also supported the conference and includes the following members: Sam Bender, Mike Ackermann, Rodrigo Figueroa, Dan Folescu, Wendi Gao, Yichen Guo, Jenifer De Jager, Anayse Miller, Ian Moore, Dylan Park, Matt Park, Nicolas Swanson, Tatiane Swap, Cankat Tilki, Teona Zurabashvili

These faculty members and students will host a second conference. The Nonlinear Model Reduction for Control workshop and conference will take place in Blacksburg, May 22-25.