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Conference Travel Support for Graduate Students

The Math Department encourages graduate students to engage in research, beginning as early as their first year in the program. Conference travel support, up to $1,000 per year, may be available for graduate students who meet the following criteria:

  1. Good standing in the department and making good progress toward degree (course grades, preliminary exams, research progress, GTA/GRA performance, participation in seminars);
  2. Giving a research presentation at a professional conference;
  3. Approval from your advisor, confirming that the conference and presentation support your academic goals, and confirming that external grant funds are not available to support this work;
  4. Evidence of attempts to seek additional funding from additional sources, these include support from the Graduate and Professional Student Senate (GPSS),  and support for working with the VT Math Circle or MORE (see links on right side of this page).


To request travel support, please contact the Travel committee chair (email linked below). You will need to provide the following information with your request:

  1. Name, date, and place of the conference you will attend, along with its website address;
  2. Title of your talk and type of talk (research paper, poster, etc.);
  3. The amount of financial support from the conference organizer, and additional sources of support you have obtained;
  4. The proposed budget, itemized for travel, lodging, meals, conference fees, etc.;
  5. You advisor's name and confirmation of their approval (cc your advisor in the email request.

Graduate students who are presenting a poster at a conference may request poster printing through the Department of Chemistry, with charges covered by the Department of Mathematics. See the link below for printing requirements, and contact Math Department fiscal tech staff for accounting of charges.