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Bob Rogers

Professor and Associate Chair
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McBryde Room 460

460 McBryde Hall, Virginia Tech
225 Stanger Street
Blacksburg, VA 24061-1026

Professor Rogers is the Associate Chair of the Mathematics Department. He will be happy to respond to all inquiries by phone or (preferably) email. Current Virginia Tech students can make appointments using Navigate. Use the Care Unit - Advising, the Location - McBryde, and the Service - Exploring Mathematics.

Professor Rogers' research is aimed at achieving a deeper mathematical understanding of the physics of continua (i.e. materials that are described as a continuous body rather than a discrete or quantum mechanical system). The physics of continua is usually described mathematically by partial differential equations. Because of the mathematical links between different types of physical systems, Professor Rogers has been interested in a variety of physical problems: elasticity, electromagnetism, and thermodynamics. More specifically, he has been interested in phase transitions in fluids and solids and in ferromagnetism. All of these phenomena are described by "nonconvex" problem in the calculus of variations.